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The Legacy of the Renaissance

Section 5 Crossword Puzzle

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Excentric Developed printing, first to reproduce manuscripts more quickly and cheaply
Columbus Adherent of the heliocentric perspective and founder of the planets' orbit as an ellipse rather than a circle
DeFabrica Mythreal Christian King
MedievalManuscripts The sixteenth century was a period of translationof _______ art and ideas to northern Europe
Sixteenth Printers diminshed attachment to manuscrirpt tradition and improved the printed book to diffrentiate from their ____________.
Bubonic The first ever printed Bible. Was printed on both vellum and paper
Navigator In 1347-1348 Europeans confronted a catastrophe, the Black death- the first strike of the _____ plague.
Printing Printing drew spelling, punctuation, abbreviations, gothic and roman letter forms, and hand-illuminated capital letters from ____________.
Gutenberg In addition to books, printers also produced much smaller, cheaper booklets , both religious and secular. Had 16, 8 or 24 pages, and are often called _________.
Genoa The plagues intensified in the growing sense that _____ was a language that required concious imitation
Cartographers Perspective that illustrated the center of a planet's orbit to be located at some distance from the earth.
Spices One of the reasons why Europeans sailed to Asia and has 250 diff. varieties
Kepler Prince Henry, the ______, of Portugal, funded the first voyages
GutenburgBible Prevailing connectionist of the geocentric perspective
Italian Scientific research became more collaborative efforts with results published quickly
PresterJohn The most important of contributory technologies. Made it cheaper to print and for more people to be able to afford it
Competition In the epicycle, the larger of the two planets' orbits that went around the earth
Latin The _____ press had led to a diffusion of classical and humanist works on an unprecedented scale
Paper The first armed conflict between _____ and Europeans occured in March 1495.
Deferent Sailed the ocean blue in 1492
ChapBooks Columbus was born at ____.
DesideriusErasmus Mapmakers
Indians Regarded as the most learned man in Europe, but spent his days copy-reading his own and other's work, along with translating and writing
EffectsonScience Complete description of the human body by Vesalius
Copernicus Most of Europe participated in a sustained demographic and economic recovery, a period that historians refer to as the "long ______ century".

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