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Renaissance Challenge

Kendra Stevenson

No description

Institutes John Calvin published the:______ of the Christian Religion
theocracy Movement to reform the church
monarchs Sir Thomas More was an English ______
Huguenots Baptist, Quakers, Amish trace their ancestry to ____
ItalianPrinces Popes vs.____ for political power
salvation New name of the Lutherans
arguments German monk
Augsburg French Calvinists were also called_______
recant theses
Presbyterian to give up views
ProtestantReformation The Peace of _____, allowed each prince to decide which religion would be followed in his lands
Annul cancel marrige
CharlesV government run by church leaders
Humanist only faith could achieve
MartinLuther Catholic_____ and the Catholic Church fought back against the Protestant challenge
Protestant Scottish Protestants set up the Scottish ____church
Anabaptists Emperor during 1530's and 1540's

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