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Crossword of the Renaissance

Michael Corleone

A fun, informative crossword with vocabulary having to do with the time of the Renaissance, one of the world's most artistic, original, and creative periods. (Answer sheet found on the next page)

Romeo and Juliet A piece of writing for a play by a screenwriter
Humanist A war that took place during the 1600s; a war lasting thirty years
Columbus The author of many classic screenplays, also an actor
Capitalism A government with limited rule over its people and land
Vasco de Gama A type of painting consisting of pigment mixed with water
Michelangelo (first name) da Vinci
Limited Monarchy An explorer known for accidentaly finding America
Exploration A type of painting known for first being invented and used during the Renaissance
Conquistador One of the three greatest artists during the Renaissance
oil painting Leonardo (last name)
Thirty Years' War To travel for the purpose of discovery
Shakespeare A person, such as Shakespeare, who writes plays
Screenplay A type of system that gives private people or corporations total power over all property
Leonardo A student in the humanities
Fresco Painting An extremely successful Portuguese explorer during the Renaissance
da vinci A play written by Shakespeare about two 'star-crossed' lovers who kill themselves because of their love for each other
Absolute Monarchies Law decided by the court's decisions, rather than executive action
Raphael One of the three greatest artists during the Renaissance
Screenwriter A Spanish soldier during the fifteenth century and the sixteenth century
Common Law A government with complete rule over its people and land

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