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Roman Baths

Teale Figgis

Directions, for all verbs use the 2nd principle part, for all answers that our more then one word don't use spaces.

BathsofCaracalla Operas were performed at this bath
tepidarium Roman form of four square
defricare Your face would turn red if exposed to too much of this
latrina The grounds for this bath were laid by Michelangelo
vestimenta If I was a slave I wouldn't want to rub this on my master's hairy back
palaestra A statue fell in this in a previous chapter
linteum a "vest" is a form of this
vestibulum I wouldn't want to be scraped with one of these
BathsofNero If I was a "suitor" I wouldn't want to be doing this
sudor Ooh, ooh, ooh, I feel my "teperature" rising
popina The baths "core"
exercere Roman penny
unquere Hot box
trigon Burr, it's cold in here
BathsofDiocletian Where less wealthy Romans bathed
sudatorium A slave would help you do this when you were finished bathing
frigidarium Where you would go to join a book club
caldarium "Palae" for body builders
piscina The bath wher Titus went
quadrans to excert oneself
hypocaustum you wouldn't want to leave your possessions in here
spongia A masseuse would do this to a patient
cutis I'm feeling HOT HOT HOT
apodyterium Now a days you would leave your coat here
tergere I would pretend to be "def" if my master asked me to do this after a long workout
thermae Most of the "lint" in your dryer comes from these
balneae Where you would find a crescent MOON
luctari cleanses your "pors"
lavare Someone would be looking at this if they tell you your epidermis is showing
caloris Rich romans had a "bal" bathing by themselves
vaporis Who lives in pinapple under the sea
strigilis If you lived on the outskirts of Rome chances are you would walk through this to get to the thermae
aquaeductus Where you would find a snickers at the Baths
bibliotheca How dirty romans get clean
oleum This allowed the water to continue to flow when the mountain ended
CampusMartius I would be re"luc"tant to ever try this

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