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The Roman Empire Crossword


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Aqueduct These people served under the lord or were teacehers
Merchans These men were recruited as Roman_________
Coliseum The surpreme counic of the state
Archaelogy The roman__________was used to watch gladiaors fight
Caravan people living along the empires borders
Barbarians People that traveled throughout the world
emperor Enabled ships to sail more esily in directions
byzantine Traders often used halters to tie many camels together
Gladiaor Thes carried water to bath houses and homes
Attack The Roman _______________
Slaves Loops that hang down on both sides of a saddle
Republic A compass needle always points north
senate A male monarch of an empire
Bit People writen by people who participated in or observed the event
Primary source Why did the Romans build a wall
Secondary sources The people that were used in combat at the coliseum
Stirrup What are the people called when they go around trading in other regions
Lateen sail These people a created art called the mosaics
Empire Rome was sacked by_______________
Stern post Written after the event
Manetic Compass People that explored beyond the seas
Pilgrams A political order whose head of the state not monarch and in which surpremepower lies
Solidiers The recovery and study of physical remains from past human life and culture
Explorers What was created to be in the horses mouth
Visigoths Used o steer the ship

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