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Roman Empire

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RomanEmpire The emperor that gave land and jobs to poor people.
MiddleAges The Romans wanted this instead of a King and Queen.
republic They built the city of Carthage.
emperor Romans did this for over 900 years in the ancient world.
JuliusCaesar The amount of people living in Rome.
Italy The Romans borrowed the alphabet from them.
Greece They rule an empire.
Phoenicians Italy is near this.
ruled Rome's first emperor.
Greeks This country lies east of Italy.
Romans This city is on the Mediterranean Sea.
population Rome became the most important city in this country.
army These people were not paid for their work.
Rome People of Rome are called this.
AugustusCaesar The Romans built a strong one of these.
slaves The greatest of these were the Romans.
barbarians This was built around the year 700 B.C.
conquerors Years after the fall of Rome.
Carthage This began in the country of Italy.
MediterraneanSea They destroyed the Roman Empire.

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