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Obligation To redirect something
Orphans A democratic leader that is opposed to the President's Social Security Plan
Private Savings Workers contribute 6.2% of the money from this to Social Security
Retirees Disabled workers depend on this
SS This generation of people is about to retire
GD By 2042 this will likely have to be reduced
Against One of the older recipients of Social Security
Ownership Time information: Tue Mar 22 06:16:52 2005 Start Tue Mar 22 06:16:52 2005 Finish Something that must be done
Stock Market Crash One of the younger recipients of Social Security
Social Security Trust Fund This funds the program for today's beneficiaries
Disabled Workers A society where people, not the government, have more control over their money
No Critics say that these are risky
Payroll Taxes One of the recipients of Social Security
Diverting This person wants to fix Social Security for the sake of younger workers
Paychecks Abbreviation for the Great Depression
Bush The stock market crash caused many Americans to lose this
Poverty This person was the president during the Great Depression
Social Security Is everyone in favor of George Bush's plans for saving Social Security
Roosevelt This helped lead to the creation of Social Security
Pelosi Another word for opposed
Baby boom This grew dramatically among the elderly during the Great Depression
Benefits This caused the Great Depression
Savings The stock market crash caused many Americans to lose this
Great Depression Left over Social Security tax dollars are put into this
Jobs Abbreviation for Social Security

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