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Spanish and Native Americans

Use pp. 71-75 to complete. There are NO spaces!

Viceroyalty Established by the Catholic church to convert Native Americans to Catholocism.
Sugar Catholic missionary who claimed the Spanish, "...Are drones who suck the honey...made by the poor bees, the Indians."
Haciendas These people--like Cortes--were the top layer of Spanish society.
TwentyMillion The most important cash crop in the Spanish colonies.
Columbus Peruvian Native American--wrote King Philip III to complain about Spanish abuse of natives.
Creoles Top official in each viceroyalty--ruled in the king's name.
NewLaws A grant of Native American labor to work estates.
BartolomeDeLasCasas The lowest level of Spanish society.
NativeAmericans Issued by Spanish king in 1542--called for gradual release of Native slaves.
Religion Led a Pueblo Indian revolt against Santa Fe in 1680.
HuamanPoma Native Americans learned this in missionaries (no "and").
Smallpox Second level of Spanish society--Spanish descent but born in the colonies.
ReadWrite Native Americans were angry that Spanish missions were trying to replace this.
NewSpain Movement of living things between hemispheres.
SpanishBorn Each province--New Spain and Peru--were called this.
Encomienda Third level of Spanish society--mixed Spanish and Native American ancestry.
Viceroy These helped Spain to control its colonies because soldiers could move fast.
Missions One germ passed to Native Americans through the Columbian Exchange.
Roads Large farms that raised cash crops--Native Americans were forced to work.
FrayToribioDeBenavente Two crops brought back to Europe that helped feed the starving populations.
ColumbianExchange The estimated number of deaths in Mexico from European Disease (spell it out).
Mestizos A Catholic priest who gave up his encomienda, Native American slaves, and fought against the abuse of Natives.
Plantations This and "Peru" were the two provinces of the Spanish Empire.
Pope He was the first to bring sugar plants to Hispanola in 1493.
PotatoesCorn One native group forced to work sugar plantations in the Americas.
Taino Large farms--usually worked by Native Americans to grow food and cash crops.

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