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The Rise of Totalitarian Leaders

Walter J. Frazier, M.A. Ed.

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Reparations Ended WWI but was a cause of WWII
Five-year Plan First move by Hitler to reclaim lost territories
OVRA Italian secret police
Runaway inflation Gave Hitler complete control of Germany
Hitler Youth Came to power in 1933
Nazi Party New political party formed in Italy
Collectives Story of Hitlers life and plans
Anti-Semitism Led Bolshevik Revolution
Great Purges Used to change peoples political beliefs
Civil War First modern dictator in Europe
U.S. Stock Market failed Large industrial farms
Rhineland Russian secret police
Il Duce Formed in Munich 1921
Treaty of Versailles Stalins Economic plan
Der Fuhrer October 29, 1929
Concentration camps Stalins chosen successor
Bank Failures Payments to rebuild post-WWI Europe
Stalin Call for living space for Germany in Eastern Europe
Weimar Republic Youth camps in Italy
Nuremberg Laws Attempt at democracy in post-WWI Germany
Young fascists Hitlers private army
Fascism Mussolini
NEP Forced imprisonment of anyone Nazis disliked
Reichstage fire Hatred of Jews
Storm Troopers Indoctrination camps for German young people
Red Terror Made money worthless in Italy and Germany
Mein Kampf Effect of weak economies after WWI
Propaganda Used by Stalin to get rid of supposed enemies
Adolf Hitler Enforced military control of Germany for Nazis
Enabling Act Took civil rights away from Germany Jews 1935
Schutzstaffel Hitlers super race
Squadristi American economic recovery plan for Germany
Lenin Extreme patriotism for ones country
Benito Mussolin Lenins Economic plan
Cheka Fascist leader of Spain
Dawes Plan Aimed at anti-communists in USSR
Francisco Franco German parliament destroyed; blamed on communists
Lebensraum Hitler
Aryan Race Between Reds and Whites 1919-1920
Nationalism Mussolinis private army
Leon Trotsky Succeeded Lenin in 1924

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