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Who killed whom?

Dr. Turner

In the Trojan War, the way a hero died was often as important as the way the hero lived. See if you can remember the heroic deaths of these characters.

Patroclus This hero killed himself when he realized he had gone mad and tried to kill his overlord.
Dolon This Greek hero was framed by Odysseus for a crime he did not commit.
Ajax This hero was killed by Hector while wearing Achilles' armor.
Paris The foremost Greek, he was killed by Hector as he leapt off his ship.
Laocoon The giant lord of Ethiopia, killed by Achilles.
Laodamia This daughter of Agamemnon was sacrificed for a fair wind.
Agamemnon Achilles killed him and dragged him behind his chariot.
Cycnus The beautiful prince of Troy, killed by Philoctetes.
Iphigenia She died of grief at the death of her husband Protesilaus
Hector Achilles strangled this Trojan hero by his helmet chin-straps.
Palamedes Paris killed him with a poisoned arrow to the heel.
Protesilaus Clytemnestra hacked him to death in the bath with an axe.
Memnon This Trojan prophet was killed by the serpents of Poseidon.
Penthesilea Achilles killed her in battle, then realized he should have married her.
Achilles This Trojan spy was killed by Diomede behind Troy

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