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Typography History

Erich Shelton

Trace the evolution of written communication from pre-historic times to the present digital era.

illuminated invented first movable type printing press
ideogram style grown out of the disheveled aesthetic of the Seattle music scene
konig Art Deco style introduced at the 1933 Chicago World's Fair
futurism a rock engraving
lithography paper-like writing surface made from leather
incunabula illustrated books for the illiterate
bauhaus printing process where ink rests on top of smooth surface rather than on raised areas
typography nothing
phonogram any printing process in which the ink sits on a raised surface
logogram The first ____-_____ typeface was introduced by William Caslon in 1816
intaglio a kind of trademark built into fine papers and visible when the paper is held up to the light
uncials ornate lavish style, full of flourishes and ornamentation
cuneiform a term for books produced during the shift from handwritten manuscripts to printed books
pictograph the study, use, and design of type
pictogram first rounded letterforms
gutenberg a simplified image illustrating a specific word
xylography paper inventor
papyrus a small private press that embraced the traditional craft of bookmaking and rejected the low-quality monotony of mass production
relief based on treating a limestone so that it would attract ink in some places and repel it in others
planographic German contribution from Weimar
plakatsil Egyptian paper
artsandcrafts movement started by William Morris around 1875
petroglyph Marinetti's movement
watermark a symbol that represents a whole word, like @ or $ or #
grunge early modern posters
streamline a prehistoric rock painting
sansserif any printing process in which the ink sits below the surface of the plate
china a relief printing where raised images and calligraphy are cut into wooden slabs and inked
dada an image that stands for a concept or idea
kelmscott inventor of first commercial steam-powered printing press for the Times of London
rococo a symbol that represents a spoken sound
parchment writing system created by a wedge-shaped stylus pressed into clay

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