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Typographic Layout

Erich Shelton

This covers areas of typography with regards to layout and design principles. Effective layouts help your audience to notice and decide to examine your design, find the information they are seeking and will help them understand the information you are presenting.

headline the name of an item in illustrations, indicated by a line or arrow
header the placement of text and objects on a page
lists the order of importance of elements within a layout
callout a sentence, quoted from the body text and set apart and in larger point size
caption a quotation that is longer than a few lines
contrast the title of an article or layout used to draw attention
footer text that runs along the bottom margin of multiple pages of a publication
content the placement of objects in relation to one another
layout text that runs along the top margin of multiple pages of a publication
closure the message or information that is meant to be conveyed in a design
gestalt page number
sidebar the variation between a character's thickest and thinnest stroke weight
table a series of related items
block theory which explains the different ways our brains group shapes, colours, and textures
visualhierarchy refers to the way it looks - i.e. balance, unity, contrast, colour, etc.
juxtaposition a line or short passage that explains or describes a neighbouring image or graphic
form a principle in design where elements in a layout are made more prominent than others to attract attention
folio an arrangement of data organized into a grid of rows and columns
pull-quote completion
emphasis information independent from the body text, set apart and sometimes enclosed in a box
subhead secondary headline that subdivides and organizes body text

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