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U. S. History Taks Puzzle

Mr. C

This is a puzzle on U. S. History. The purpose of this puzzle is to help students study for the Texas State Test (TAKS).

1787 _________________-was the believe that the United States had a divinely inspired mission to expand and to spread democracy throughout North America.
House of Burgesses The Constitutional Convention was held in what year? _____
Connecticu The group that staged protests against the Stamp Act was the ____________________
Rocky Fundamental Orders of ______________ was a constitution that some Puritan colonists wrote to govern themselves
English Bill of Rights The _____________Ordinance set a pattern for the orderly growth in the Northwest Territory and the rest of the United States.
Farming What term was used to describe a colonist who favored the British rule?
State To defeat the French Benjamin Franklin, suggested that the colonies band together in the first formal proposal to unite the colonies called The_____________________ of Union
King George III The voyage that carried captured Africans to the Americas for use as slaves was known as the________________
Nullification The King of England during the American revolution was ________________.
Yorktown Due to the hostilities the British issued the ________________________,of 1763 which forbade colonists to settle west of the Appalachians making the colonist angry.
Three Fifths __________________ is considered as the Father of the Constitution.
Constitution The forced removal of the Cherokee Indians from there land. ____________
Patriot A republic, is where the people choose _______________to govern them.
Eli Whitney Refusal or rejection by a U.S. state to recognize a federal law. _________________
Federalism The Treaty of Paris 1763 ended the ________________ War.
Northwest The Articles of _______________created our first national government.
Francis Scott Key The purpose of the Quartering Act was to require the colonies to provide _________and supplies for British soldiers.
Loyalist ___________Rebellion was an armed uprising in Western Massachusetts involved mostly small farmers angered by crushing debt and taxes.
Legislative The name given to a trading route with three stops that included the shipping of African Slaves was called The ______________ trade route.
Atlantic _______________________was a French aristocrat who played a leading role in the American Revolution.
Saratoga The first representative assembly in the American colonies was known as the____________________________
Antifederalists The winter at ___________________came to stand for the great hardships that Americans endured in the Revolutionary War.
Lexington and Concord The branch of government that enforces the laws is the___________.
Proclamation The turning point in the American Revolution War, was the victory at_____________.
Columbian Benjamin Franklin convinced what country to lend military support to the Continental army during the American Revolution?
Amerigo Vespucci .____________________is a system of government in which power is shared between the central government and the states.
Overseers The Battle of _______________made General Andrew Jackson a national hero.
Philadelphia Economic activity in the New England colonies relied heavily on trade in part because a cold climate and poor soil made _________unprofitable
Monroe Doctrine Last major battle of the American Revolution. _________
Mercantilism Became famous for spreading news of the British troop's movements._____________
France Thomas Paine published a pamphlet in order to convince Americans that a break with Britain was necessary. __________________
Middle Passage The branch of government that interprets the laws is the _________.
James Madison Was given the commanding general of the Continental Army. ___________________.
Common Sense Required the colonists to pay tax on all legal documents such as wills, contracts, and diplomas. _______________
Sons of Liberty A colonist killed in the Boston Massacre was a sailor of African and Native American ancestry. _______________
Boston Massacre Was assigned by The Continental Congress to write the Declaration of Independence. _________________
Confederation The Americas received their name from a German mapmaker who named the continent after
Executive The __________________stated that The United States would not allow further European colonization in the Western Hemisphere.
Valley Forge People who opposed the Constitution were called ___________.
Mayflower Compact In 1689 The ____________________established that the government was to be based on laws made by Parliament, not on the desires of a ruler
Lafayette The agreement written by the Pilgrims that provided for self-government was called the_____________________
French and Indian War The movement of plants, animals, and diseases between hemispheres is the_______________ Exchange
Albany Plan Freedom of Religion is guaranteed by the _______ Constitutional Amendment.
Manifest Destiny The branch of government that makes the laws is the___________.
Judiciary The 13 original colonies were primarily located along the______________ Ocean.
Thomas Jefferson The first ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution are called the ________________.
Crispus Attucks The financial drain due to the British economic system of ______________ was one of the main causes of the Revolution.
Housing New England had long winters and______________ soil
Magna Carta Where was The Constitutional Convention held?
Representatives The ________governments had the most power under the Articles of Confederation.
Paul Revere On large Southern plantations, slaves toiled in groups of about 20 to 25 under the supervision of________________
First The first step toward guaranteeing the rights of Englishmen came in 1215 with the signing of the______________.
Shays The __________________Compromise addressed how slaves would be counted for taxes and representation.
Stamp Act The weakness of the Articles of Confederation led to the writing of the U.S. ______________________.
Bill of Rights What term was used to describe a colonist who resisted the British rule?
Treaty of Ghent Where were the first battles of the American revolutionary War?
Trail of Tears The treaty that ended the War of 1812 was the _____________.
Triangular The author of the poem that in 1931 became the national anthem of the United States was____________________.
New Orleans In 1770, an incident called the ____________________ was used as propaganda to arouse the colonists' resistance to British authority.
George Washington Who invented interchangeable parts?

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