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Honors U.S. History Review


U.S. History Terms

Truman Sent troops to Little Rock to protect black students
Cesar Chavez Rachel Carson book about pesticides
Neil Armstrong First man to walk on the moon
Ford Broke down racial barriers with his music
GIBill Only president in history who was not elected.
Chiang KaiShek South Vietnamese who supported North Vietnam
My Lai Site of a massacre in Vietnam
Kent State NATO is an example of this
Warsaw Pact Organized the United Farmworkers Union
Wounded Knee Civil rights leader; practiced civil disobedience
Ho Chi Minh Red Scare during the 1950s
AIM Confronted the Soviet Union and won during the Cuban Missile Crisis
Nixon Created the New Deal to try to end the Depression
Yalta Site of a college protest; four students died
Iron Curtain Middle east organization; controls the price of oil
Marshall Plan U.S. promised to help countries oppose communism
Kennedy Community of mass produced homes
collective security created by congress tohelp WWII vets with mortgages and college
Jackie Robinson Authorized the use of the atomic bomb in Japan
Truman Doctrine Attempt to overthrow Castro
McCarthyism Organized by Dennis Banks and Russell Means
Jim Crow Symbol of Cold War tensions; created to prevent an escape route from communism
Eisenhower Broke the color barrier in baseball
Watergate WWII conference that led to accusations that Democrats were soft on communism
Silent Spring Led the nationalists in the Chinese civil war
Ngo Dinh Diem Alliance of Eastern European communist countries.
Bay of Pigs Name for laws that separated blacks and whites
Tet Offensive Civil rights workers rode buses into the South
Berlin Wall Only president to resign from office
Levittown Johnson's domestic policy
Martin Luther King Scandal; led to Nixon's resignation
Roosevelt South Vietnamese leader
Freedom Rides U.S. economic plan to rebuild Europe after WWII
Mao Zedong Communist countries in Eastern Europe
OPEC North Vietnamese leader
Elvis Turning point of the Vietnam War
Viet Cong Occupied by Native Americans; site of a massacre
Great Society Leader of communist revolution in China

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