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Road to the Civil War

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Mexico Most Northerners had little interest in abolishing this.
Agriculture "_________ Kansas" was the name given to the violence that broke out in this state over slavery.
Industry This religious group opposed slavery but also opposed ending slavery by force.
forty He was the Northern Democrats' candidate for president in 1860.
States Robert E. _____ was placed in command of all Confederate troops.
Davis The name of the fort that was the scene of the first battle of the Civil War.
Douglas The South's main source of income.
Quakers A completely inept president who did nothing to try to stop the coming secession of Southern states.
Buchanan ________ Rights--the rights that Southerners felt superceeded federal (national) powers.
South The winner of the election of 1860 won with only this percentage of the popular vote.
Bloody ________ Carolina was the first state to break away from the United States.
Sumter The North's main source of income.
Lincoln He was the Republican candidate for president in 1860.
Slavery Because the United States was busy with the war, the French snuck into this nearby nation and installed Emperor Maximillian.
Lee Jefferson ________ was the first, and only, president of the Confederate States.

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