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Unit Vocabulary Crossword

Sophie Cannon

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Scorched Earth Policy To leave the Union.
Spoils System Extreme allegiance to one's own local interests.
Black Codes People who escaped from slavery but were running from the law.
Emancipation Roads that required travelers to pay tolls.
Temperance Pardon to Confederates who would sign an oath of loyalty to Union.
Tariffs Daily pay.
Textiles Grant's policy to burn everything in sight to win war.
Flatboats Laws that severely restricted the rights of newly freed African Americans.
Sharecropping Murder of a person in ruthless mob attacks.
Fugitives A system in which a wealthy patron would give land to a farmer in exchange for a portion of the crop.
Amnesty Unique musical form combining African music styles with the text of Protestant hymns
Carpetbaggers Formal withdrawl from a nation.
Wages Anti-drinking movement.
Gospel Tradition Cloth and fabric.
Sectionalism Rewarding supporters with government positions.
Frontier Square-ended boats used to transport goods on waterways.
Nullification Northerners who arrived in South with "only what they could stuff in their luggage".
Lynching A state's right to reject any law it felt had violated the Constitution.
Secede Redividing voting districts to decrease African American representation.
Turnpikes Movement to end slavery.
Secession Fees on imported goods.
Gerrymandering The shifting zone where colonist lands met Native American lands.
Abolitionism Liberation from slavery.

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