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The Union in Peril

Lindsy Fagerstrom

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Confederacy This became a law in May of 1854, 4 months after it was introduced by Douglass. This bill was created to divide the area into 2 territories: Kansas and Nebraska. Many said this betrayed the Missouri Compromise.
Fugitive Slave Act The formal withdrawal of states from the union. Southerners threatened to do this, because they felt that the Northerners were not enforcing the Fugitive Slave Act of 1793.
Popular Sovereignty January 29th, 1850, Clay presented this series of resolutions to the senate, which he hoped would end the issues of Free states vs. Slave states once and for all.
Secession He was a slave from Missouri. He was involved in a supreme court that involved questionable legality of freedom. The courts answer said that slaves were not considered citizens, so that he was not a free man.
Republican Party On February 9th, this former senator, was unanimously elected as president, by the delegates of the Confederate Constitutional Convention. He was from Mississippi. He said the South was done compromising with the North; He wanted to show the North how strong and united the South was.
Scott A secret network consisting of abolitionists and free African Americans, who risked their lives in order to free the lives of others. The head people who ran this network were called "Conductors". "Conductors" provided runaway slaves with food, clothing, and hiding places, called "stations".
Compromise of 1850 This is the town in Virginia, where John Brown led a raid with 21 men on October 16th, 1859. It is now in West Virginia.
Nativism This gave the territories such as Mexico and Utah the right to vote on whether or not they wanted to become a Free or a Slave state. The Northerners and the Southerners both agreed to this provision.
Brown She was born a slave in the early 1820's. After a serious head injury she became stronger than most men, this helped her gain the courage to runaway from the plantation to become a free person. She helped a total of 300 slaves including her parents, in just 19 trips that she made back down to the south, when she was a "Conductor" for the Underground Railroad. She did all of this and never got caught, and none of the fugitives she was aiding got caught.
Douglass She was born in 1811 and died in 1896. She wrote the novel "Uncle Tom's Cabin" in order to express her disgust towards slavery. Lincoln called her, "The Little Lady who made The Big War", because her novel had such a large impact on people.
Stowe This party originated in Beautiful Ripon Wisconsin at a school house, in February of 1854. Whigs and anti-slavery Democrats and Free-Soilers met to form a new party. This party opposed the Kansas-Nebraska Act.
Kansas-Nebraska Act Members of the American Party (a.k.a. The Order of the Star Spangled Banner, which became the "Know-Nothing Party") believed in this, the favoring of native born Americans over immigrants.
Underground Railroad An abolitionist who believed that God called on him to fight slavery. He started the "Pottawatomie Massacre". Brown was caught and hung for treason after a raid on Harpers Ferry.
Tubman The harshness of this Act surprised many. Some of the terms of this Act were: No fugitive was entitled and trial by jury and they couldn't testify on behalf of themselves. They also had to be given back to their slave owners if the owner made a statement on the request to have them back. This also stated that $10 must be given to anyone who returned a slave, and anyone who aided a fugitive would be fined $1000 and would be sent to jail for 6 years.
Davis A man from Illinois known as the "Little Giant", created a way for the Compromise of 1850 when everyone else had tried and failed. He was an opponent to A. Lincoln in Senatorial and Presidential elections.
Harpers Ferry This was formed on February 4th, 1861, in Montgomery Alabama, when delegate from the secessionist states met. Their constitution resembled the U.S.'s constitution. Their constitution protected slavery in the new states, too.

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