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Unit Three

Josh Altman

Josh AltmanPd. 1

eighty The 18th President
UlyssessSGrant The _____ also led to political changes.
RadicalRepublicans The 16th President.
impeached Andrew Johnson was _____ in March of 1868
North Considered the " Father of Segration"
pinchion Towns
scalawags Southerners who used reconstruction as an opportunity to advance themselves.
AndrewJohnson Initials of an infamous Secret Societies
JohnWilkesBooth The _____ had almost all the ratoins, wealth,
CivilWar Former slaves
AbrahamLincoln People who opposed Lincolns plan were called _____.
Hiram Revels _____ became the national currency.
Lincoln _____ killed President Lincoln
greenbacks Soldiers widows collected _____ well into the 20th century.
economic A black Senator
carpetbaggers _____ developed a program of reconstruction based on "charity for all".
freedmen Northerners who traveled to the South after the CW.
monuments The 17th President
KKK _____% of families suffered a loss after the Civil War.
JimCrow _____ losses were staggering in the South.

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