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The Civil War and the Battle of Gettysburg

Mr. Melchiorre

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Fishhook Formation of the Union line at Gettysburg
Lincoln Little Round Top
Hancock Bloodiest single day battle in the Civil War
Sherman President of the US during the Civil War
Hill Year of the Battle of Gettysburg
1863 Capital of the Confederacy
Calhoun First slave to have his case heard in the Supreme Court
Flank Gun used by Civil War soldiers
Clay The eyes of the army
July A general some thought a drunk
SouthCarolina Name of the blade at the end of a musket
Colonel Famous charge named after this general
FortSumter Place where the Civil War started 4:30 AM
Stuart Year for the beginning of the Civil War
Bull Run A cause for the Civil War
1859 Favorite drink of a Civil War soldier
Merrimac Runaway slave who stole himself
Brown Meteor of the war
JohnBrown Battle where Stonewall Jackson dies, Lee decides to invade the North
Grant The ends of a battle line
Factories State where Gettysburg is located
Secede Union cavalry general who held on the first day of Gettysburg
Davis Month of the Battle of Gettysburg
Buford Leader of a regiment
1787 Year of the Constitutional Convention that failed to settle slavery
Virginia 1000 soldiers
Douglass Bleeding Kansas and Harper's Ferry raids
Coffee First land battle of the war
Rocky Confederate Corp commander who was against Lee's plans at Gettysburg
Pickett State where the most Civil War battles took place
Cannon Year for the end of the Civil War
Slavery First ironclad naval ship
Jackson Senator who tried to keep the Union together with COMPROMISES
Longstreet Place of peace
Novel Southern Senator who was for states' rights, slavery and secession
Richmond Capital of the Union
Republican Longstreet's spy who spotted the Union army
Scott President of the Confederacy during the Civil War
WashingtonDC Another name for a Mine Ball
Regiment Study of the past
Maryland Political party of Abraham Lincoln
Horse State where the Civil War started
Antietam Artillery, guns, batteries
Bullet Stonewall
History The North had more of these to produce manufactured goods during the war
Lee Union general who held the center of the line at Gettysburg day 3
Cavalry Uncle Tom's Cabin
Manassas Year John Brown raided Harper's Ferry
Musket Leader of the Confederate army
1861 To leave the Union
Pennsylvania Confederate general who started the battle of Gettysburg
Shiloh Animal most used in the Civil War
1865 State where Antietam was fought
Harrison A general some thought "gone in the head"
Chancellorsville Union commander at Gettysburg
Bayonet Another name for Bull Run
CemeteryHill Cavalry commander missing the first two days at Gettysburg
Meade High ground that both armies wanted after day 1 at Gettysburg

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