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Military Leaders

Jonathan Kim

This puzzle refers to the Civil War heroes -both good and bad- on both sides of the war.

ford's New prez after Lincoln's death
Mississippi City Davis was captured in
February Month Lincoln was Assassinaated
Howell Month Davis was inaugurated
Jackson Nathanial Banks governed here
Lincoln Lincoln's wife
Georgia Last name of Lincoln's law partner
June Whose theater was lincoln shot in?
Irwinville month Lincoln was born
Our American Cousin Month Jefferson Davis was born
Massachusetts Greduated from here in 1828
April Lincoln beat him in reelection
West Point play Lincoln attented the night he was shot
Washington D.C. Lincoln'sjob in 1836
Confederacy Person Davis ran against for governer of Mississippi
Foote Davis'es job in 1847
New Orleans Where Lincoln Memorial is located
mary todd Davis was appointed Secretary of ___ in 1853
War woman that Jefferson Davis married
february Where Jefferson was buried
Booth Vice president 1861-65
grocery store Davis was president of this
Jefferson Davis Last name of person that shot Licoln
congress 16th prez of U.S.
Monro Lincoln served one term here in 1847
Hamlin State Davis was captured in
Senator Davis commanded this regiment in the Mecian War
confederate Braxton Brag served for this side
June reason for his debt in his early life
Douglas Lincoln lost to him in 1854
Georgellan month that Davis resigned from the House
attorney Davis was confined here for 2 years
Stuart Brag advised him

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