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Civil War

Christina Quinlan

No description

martial law Which battle was the turning point of the war?
inflation What forced men to serve in the Army as soldiers?
siege What was the capital of the Confederacy?
Robert E. Lee Where did Robert E. Lee surrender to Grant?
emancipation All-out war that affect civilians at home as well as soldiers in combat.
Johny Rebs People who overcharged the government for war goods in time of need.
Richmond Who started the American Red Cross?
habeas corpus Those people not serving in the Army are called___?
income tax This man was the main military leader of the South.
Clara Barton A military encirclement of an enemy position and blocking in order to force it to surrender.
Jefferson Davis A speech made by President Lincoln in 1863 after the Battle of Gettysburg.
civilians A rise in prices and a decrease in the value of money.
John Wilkes Booth To set free.
draft How many states seceded from the union?
Billy Yanks Ruled by the Army instead of elected government.
Kentucky Famous Civil War photographer.
Appomattox Court House Who was the President of the Confederacy.
Gettysburg Nickname given to Southern soldiers.
Gettysburg Address Nickname given to the Northen soldiers.
eleven A tax on people's earnings.
profiteers Name one of the five border states?
total war Who assassinated Abraham Lincoln?
Bull Run The right not to be held in prison without first being charged with a specific crime.
Matthew Brady What battle had sightseers come from Washington D.C.and forced both sides to realize that their soldiers needed training?
battle wounds Most soldiers died from disease not _____ ____.

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