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Civil War

Billy Garrison

Solve the crossword using knowledge from the Civil War.

Antietam What was the north fighting to save.
Appomattox How did Lincoln die.
Emancipation Proclamation Policy stopping the return of escaped slaves.
Richmond First state to secede the union.
Tennessee Only women awarded the medal of honor.
Union Which economy thrived on the demand of war.
Rose Greenhow More defensive than offensive. (North or South)
Gettysburg Address Turning Point of the Civil War.
Southern Cuba born, join confederate army then became a spy.
Civil War Bloodiest war in History.
Fort Sumter 1 of 2 major railroads linking the East and West.
Loretta Valasquez 3rd great union victrory.
Ely Parker Battle that meant union controlled all of Mississippi River.
Copperheads Youngest Civil War general.
Maryland U.S. Grant's horses name.
George McClellan Those that opposed slavery.
Bull Run President during the Civil War.
Freedom Which General invented the contraband policy.
South Carolina The right to be seen by a judge.
Abolitionist Former slave, became a spy for the union in Richmond.
Habeas Corpus What was the south fighting for.
Galusha Pennypacker Confederate spy.
Belle Boyd Who shot Lincoln on April 14, 1865.
Jenny Wade First major battle of the Civil War
Abraham Lincoln Only civilian killed at Gettysburg.
Belmont Who did Lee try to persuade to join the Confederacy.
Clara Barton NYC riots were to protest what.
Robert Lee Headed a confederate spy ring in Washington.
Northern who won the war. (North or South)
Assassinated Freed slaves.
West Virginia Date Civil War started.
South First battle U.S. Grant was involved in.
Elizabeth Bowser Indian tribe to side with the Confederacy.
Relative Location Considered the best officer in the U.S. Army.
Baltimore Who was known as "Stonewall"
Vicksburg State to join the union in 1863.
Draft Confederate capital.
Three "Angel of the Battlefield"
Butler How many days did the battle of Gettysburg last.
Choctaw Civil War speech.
Mary Walker First Battle of the Civil War.
John Booth Who was known as "Little Napolean".
April 12, 1861 Grant's military secretary
Thomas Jackson Ruled by military instead of civil autorities.
Cincinatti Only U.S. president to serve the Confederacy.
Martial Law Where the Civil War began.
Contraband relationship of one place to other places.
North Where Lee surrendered.
Chattanooga Northerners who opposed the war.
John Tyler Economy that suffered terribly.
Bull Run Last state to secede the union.

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