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Josh Kittle

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Declaration of independence An agreemment prohibiting trade
Seperation of powers Outspoken anti-federalist
James Madison Colonies in northwest America
Bill of Rights Argued that monarchy was a corrupt form of government
Northwest Territory He wrote that people were naturally endowed with the right to life, liberty, and property.
Boston tea party Where the making and signing of the Constitution went on
Ratify First ten ammendments to the constitution
Interstate commerece First person to sign the Declaration of Independence
Battles of lexington and concord When U.S. troops threw all of the tea in the ocean because of the taxes
Antifederalists Battle between militia men and minute men
Federalists People who favor the constituition
Thomas Paine Colonial plans for self government
Magna Carta When farmers wanted there morgatges paid the led this revolt?
Patrick Henry The division of power between the legislative,executive and judicial branches of government
Embargo To approve
Shay's Rebellion parliment passed the coercive acts which were called this by colonists
Constitutional convention Great charter
House of Burgesses It declares our independence from Britian
Intolerable acts Trade amoung the states
Mayflower Compact First elected law making body in English colonies
John Handcock Wrote Decleration of Independence
George Washingon Father of Constitution
Articles of confederation First President of the U.S.
Thomas Jefferson The plan for central government
John Locke Threatened Britians hold on continent
French and indian war people who dont favor the constitution

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