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United States Government Crossword Puzzle

Vincent Griffin

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Senator Was a Virginian lawyer, who was chosen to prepare the final draft of the Declaration of Independence.
Ideology System of fundamental laws and principles that prescribes the nature, functions, and limits of a government or another institution.
Congress People who supported Jefferson's dream/vision of strong state governments(mostly Southerners).
Oligarchy Government in which political control is shared by the people.
Lobbyists Persons or the groups of persons who lobby in the interest of a specaial group/ industry, etc. who,s jobs are to attempt to persuade/ influence a legislator or legislators to kill/ defeat a bill, etc.
Bill of Rights Helps to provide a healthy food supply, and to give aid/support to farmers.
Conservative A government by a few/ a small faction of persons or families.
Governor The chief executive of a republic; George W. Bush
Committee(s) People who oppose having a strong central government; are against the Constitution.
Ballot/Toll Official approval of the Constitution, or of an amendment, by the states.
Declaration of Independence A group of persons organized or appointed to act upon some matter.
Legislative Branch Cheif executive of State
Checks and Balance An organization that works to gain power,etc. Democrats, and/or Republicans.
Electoral College No limit to , by established, taditional, orthodox, or authoritorian attitudes/ veiws, or dogmas, etc.
Political Party An English philosopher, who believed that people have/should have natural rights to life, liberty, and prosperity.
Constitution Sheet of paper/ a card used to cast or register a vote, especially a secret one
Protector of the peace The state of being supreme; of power or authority.
Department of Treasury National legislative body of the U.S., cosisting of the Senate and the House of Representatives.
James Madison The Department of Defence
Thomas Jefferson Within resaonable limits, not excessive, and/or extreme. ( Veiws, measures; in politics/religion)
Democratic-Republicans A vote in support of someone or something. Right or privilege of voting; franchise.
Department of the Interior Branch of government that has the power of enacting laws.
supremacy This department deals with the supreme court, justice, etc.
Judicial Branch Known to be the father of the U.S. Constitution.
President This department serves to protect the nation/citizens, deals with immigration, fraud, threats to the United States, etc.(A protector of the Peace)
Suffrage First ten Amendments of the U.S. Constitution; to protect certain rights of the citizens.
Department of Justice This department serves as a Chief of State.
Executive Branch Body of electors who elect the United States President, and Vice- President
Representative System where each branch of an organization can limit the powers of other brances.
John Locke Prefering/ believing in traditional veiws, and values; opposing change.
Moderate A political order that allows a body of citizens to have supreme power.
Liberal This department protects the natural resources, and the wildlife.
Ratification A declaration that gave each state the right to be free, and independent states.
Department of Agriculture Branch of government responsible for the Adminstration of Justice.
Department of State This department serves as the main Manager of the Prosperity.
Democracy An elected representative who serves in the United States Senate for a term of six years.
Antifederalists A person that serves as a delegate or agent for another. A member of a governmental body, usually legislative, chosen by popular vote.
Department of Homeland Security Branch of government that is responsible for carrying out the laws.

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