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America's Government

Walker Mayerchak

This puzzle focuses on 1776-1791, the period in which America's government was formed

federalist those who opposed the Constitution.
FoundingFathers the branch of government with the president and vice president.
compromise the branch of government with the congress in it.
legislative government where voters choose representatives and there is no king.
amendment a movement in the countryside where farmers rebelled against the courts, attacking judges at gunpoint and claiming they fought for liberty.
separationofpowers the sharing of power between the national government and state governments.
convention The 55 men who helped form our Constitution.
executive the idea that for a country to thrive, citizens need virtues like the willingness to sacrifice for the good of the public.
survey Additions to the Constitution, like the freedom of speech.
BillofRights the first ten amendments of the Constitution.
Cabinet the group of people who choose the president and vice president.
dueprocess A meeting of 55 of the most educated men in America, to respond to the call for a revision to the Articles of Confederation.
judicial The right to fair treatment under the law.
ConstitutionalConvention government regulations regarding land.
NorthwestTerritory the power Congress has to get rid of a president
NorthwestOrdinance a formal group of advisers to the President.
impeach document which suggested a government like that of the Iroquois. Most of the power in the hands of the states, a little power in the hands of a national government.
ArticlesofConfederation to reject a bill. A president's power.
checksandbalances the branch of government with the supreme court.
ratify the balance between branches of government.
ordinances to measure land and determine exact boundaries.
antifederalist both sides giving in a little - the way the arguments were ended in the Virginia plan.
veto the law passed om 1787 which stated the rules for the change from territory to state.
electoralcollege a land of no government; it was north of Ohio and had not yet been called a state.
federalism those who agreed with the Constitution.
republic a meeting of delegates.
Shay'srebellion to approve - used when referring to approving documents.
republicanism what keeps the branches in place; making sure they don't step out of line.

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