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Ah..... History

Heather Amparano

No description

Confederate Army War between United States and Britain
Antifederalists First battle of the Revolutonary war in April 1775
Revolutionary War Favored a strong central government
Santa Ana 1820 agreement stating Missouri as a free slave state, Maine as a free state
Civil War Assembly of representatives that first met in Philadelphia in 1774
Battle of Yorktown The First place found gold in California
Cherokees Purchase of territory fom france, by the U.S, in 1803
Louisiana Purchase First ten amendmentsof the constitution
Christopher Columbus An army made up of Southerners
War of 1812 Plan of government that describes the diffrent parts of the government and their duties and powers
Sam Houston Federal governments effort to repair the damage to the south caused by the civil war between 1865-1877
Missouri Compromise posperous group of indians which had their own constitution
First Continental Congress An army made up of Northerners
French and Indian War Plan of government which later was replaced by the Constitution of the US
Reconstruction Battle in 1781 in Virgina- A decisive American victory
Constitution Mexican dictator who lead a mexican army north to subdue the Texas rebellion
Federalists War between France and Britain for control of Eastern North America.
Articles of Confederation Declaration by President Monroe in 1823
Battle of Lexington and Concord A system where all brances can check on the other branches actions
Checks and Balances The forced movement of the Cherokees in 1838-1839
Sutters Mill The war between the Union and Confederate from 1861-1865
Cabinet Leader of Texas troops in war for independencefrom Mexico in 1836
Trial of Tears Opposed the concept of a strong central government
American Revolution The war to gain independence from Britain in 1775 to 1783
Monroe Doctrine Voyage for Spain to North America in 1492.
Union Army Leaders of executive departments of the federal government
Bill of Rights Takes place with less then 3 decades and had 2 wars to fight for northern lands

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