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Chapter 8

Sophie Cannon

No description

Initiative People living in a country not of their birth
Capitalism The growth of cities
Immigrants Movement with Christians who emphasized the role of church in improving life on earth
Holding Company A policy of favoring native-born individuals over foreign-born ones
Settlement Houses Emphasized economic gains were more important than winning the vote or directly challanging white domination
Direct Primary A combination of companies dominating an industry
Trusts A settlement imposed by an outside party
Tenement Rational, scintific management of natural resources
Social Gospel Movement Reformers who dominated the political landscape in the 1900s
Suburbs Established a procedure by which voters cast ballotsfor or against proposed laws
Progressives Private individuals own the means of production and profit by their ownership
Recall Allowd people to introduce a bill into the legeslature and required members to take a vote on it
Referendum Communities at the edges of cities
Urbanization Oversaw the utilities' compliance with existing laws
Resource Management An election open to all voters within a party
Eugenics Bought controlling interests in stock of other companies
Accommodation An economic theory advocating collective ownership of businesses
Arbitration Institutions that provided educational and social services to poor people
Muckrakers An effort to improve the human race by controlling breeding
Melting Pot Gave citizens a chance to remove an elected official from office before the person's term ended
Regulatory Commissions New York City Apartment building
Socialism Angry writers who tried to motivate the public
Nativism A society in which various racial, ethnic, and cultural groups were blended together

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