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Chapter Six

Cody Burliss

These are the vocab words found in chapter six of the History book.

Alien and Sediton Acts Philosophy that agriculture and owning land is the backbone of the economy
Cabinet Four laws that the federalists pushed through the congress
Oliver Perry Required importers to pay a percentage of the value of their cargo when they landed it in the United States
John Marshall Chief justice of the USA
hartford Convention Forbade trade with France and Britain
nationalism Powers not explicitly mentioned in the Constitution
Speculator People willing to take a risk in hopes of a future financial gain
Washington's Farewell Address Theory that a state should be able to interveine between the federal government to stop illegal action
Bank of the United States Man who mapped much of the Mississippi
william clark Shoshone woman who joined the expediion as a guide/interpreter
whiskey rebellion Power to decide whether laws passed by the congress were constitutional and to strike down the ones that were not
Quasi-War Paper notes promising to repay money after a certain length of time with interest
Implied Powers Secretly arrainged for a ffleet to be built on lake Erie in Ohio
william henry Harrison Incitement to rebellion
Sedition Group of advisors to the president
Enumerated Powers Lewis's secondhand man
zebulon pike Granted US rights to navigate on the Mississippi river
Alien Powers specifically mentioned in the Constituion
sacagawea Policy between countries ensuring fair trading practices
Embargo Legalized form of kidnapping that forced people into military service
Most-Favored Nation Men who love war
Bond Ended the war of 1812
Impressment When farmers rioted after an excise tax was imposed on whiskey
Nullification Government ban on trade with other countries
meriwether lewis Long written speech writted by Washington before he leaves office
Tariff of 1789 Shawnee chief
Jay's Treaty Atgacking British ships and the British attacking the USA's ships
Agrarianism Feelings of strong Patriotism
non-intercourse act If the federal government passed an unconstitutional law the states had to fight to nullify the law
Judicial Review Govenor of Indiana territory
war hawks British have to leave their forts in the USA
Interposistion Called for several constitutional amendments to increase political power
louisiana purchase Used to manage debts and interest payments
Pickney' Treaty People living in the country who are not citizens
tecumseh US bought louisiana from france for 11.25 million dollars
treaty of ghent The man Jefferson chose to lead the expedition

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