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US History 1

Miss Savage

Practice vocabulary for US History. Chapters 1-13.

abolition A secret terrorist organization whose goal was to keep blacks from gaining power.
bostonmassacre The branch that makes sure laws are constitutional.
executive Plan of government that gave states most of the power; it didn't work!
temperance The belief that the United States has a divine mission to spread liberty; used as a reason for westward expansion.
kukluxklan Large farms that used slave labor to produce crops for sale, not just their own use.
civilwar Amendment that guaranteed equal rights to all people.
mercantilism Laws that restricted freedman's rights.
stampact Traditions and customs that have developed over time and have the effect of law.
plantations Started with the battles of Lexington and Concord and ended with the Treaty of Paris.
declarationofindependence The amendment that ended slavery.
revolutionarywar A tax on papers and documents passed by Britain in 1765.
legislative Supporters of the Constitution who wanted a strong national government.
judicial A riot on March 5, 1770 in which British soldiers opened fire into a crowd killing 5 colonists.
federalism The first 10 amendments.
emancipationproclamation What President Jefferson bought from France in 1803.
federalists A reform movement whose goal was to eliminate alcohol consumption.
articlesofconfederation A document that claimed that all individuals have natural rights and a government that violates these rights can be overthrown.
manifestdestiny State that Congress can make all laws "necessary and proper" for carrying out the constitution.
confederatestatesofamerica The economic system between colonies and the countries that ruled them, based on the idea that colonies exist to make ruling countries rich.
fourteenth Amendment that said no citizen can be denied the right to vote.
thirteenth The government's effort to restore the Union after the Civil War.
antifederalists What was establised by Marbury v. Madison.
fifteenth The branch that carries out laws.
unwrittenconstitution Stated that the United States would stay out of European affairs and that no new colonization would be allowed in America.
electoralcollege The nation created by the Southern states who seceded from the Union.
billofrights The branch that makes the laws.
elasticclause People opposed to the constitution who thought the states should have most of the power.
blackcodes The type of government we have in which power is divided between the national and state governments.
louisiana The reform movement whose goal was to end slavery.
judicialreview The system that is used to choose a president; the reason someone can not win even if they have the most votes.
monroedoctrine Fought to preserve the Union; started with the Battle of Bull Run.
reconstruction President Lincoln's declaration that all slaves would be free.

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