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Final Exam Review


ATTENTION:This activity is designed to help you prepare for the U.S. History final exam. Fill in the puzzle with the correct responses to the given clues. And study!

Zimmerman _______ Powers vs. Allies (WW1)
Selective _________ Service Act
Hitler __________ vs. Ferguson
Fifteenth U.S.S. __________ sank in 1898
Crow Blackface ___________ shows
Hiroshima __________ vs. Board of Education
Ferdinand Act of genocide in WWII
Reconstruction Maryland Acts of ________ (religious law)
Philippines Surrendered on V-E Day
Atomic John ______ led raid at Harper's Ferry
Nazi Nat _______ slave rebellion
Rosie Letter from A __________ Jail
Emancipation Racist terrorist group
Jamestown Maryland Civil War battle
Japan Archduke Franz ____________
Cuba __________ Pledge
Migration Organization founded by WEB DuBois
Antietam ______ Amendment: Women's Vote
Tuskegee _______ Vesey slave rebellion
Sussex Colony of __________ (1607)
Teller Bomb U.S. dropped on Japan
Montgomery Flying _______ of WW1
Lusitania Country of first Spanish-American battle
Compromise ________ Institute or Airmen
Appomattox Treaty of _________ (WW1)
Central The Red ________ (flying ace)
Sumter Gained independence from Spain (1898)
Toleration Chinese __________ Act (1882)
Aces _______ Scott court case (1857)
Confederavy __________ Address (1863)
Pearl __________ Journalism
Turner 1955 ___________ Bus Boycott
Brown ___________ Note: Germany to Mexico
Baron Courthouse of Confederate surrender
Nineteenth Right to vote
Depression _____________ of 1877
Gettysburg Major WWII German party
Germany Adolf ____________
Burgesses Union vs. ______________
Brown 18th Amendment started __________
Maine ________ Harbor naval base
Nuremberg __________ Proclamation (1863)
Prohibition Jim _________ laws
Holocaust Fort where Civil War began
Dred RMS ___________ sank in 1915
Denmark ___________
Plessy ________ Bureau (Reconstruction)
KuKluxKlan House of _______ (Jamestown)
Versailles _______Amendment: Black Vote
Axis Hurtful information
Minstrel Great __________ started in 1929
Freedmens Uncle Tom's _________
Suffrage _______ Powers vs. Allies (WW2)
Propaganda Emmitt _______ murdered in 1955
Cabin Surrendered on V-J Day
NAACP _______ Amendment from U.S. to Spain
Birmingham Great _________: Movement of blacks to North
Till _________ the Riveter
Yellow Nazi War Crimes trial
Exclusion Reunification of U.S.

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