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Important People, Places, and Dates to the Revolution

Evolutionary Revolutionary Magazine

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CharlesCornwallis last battle of the war
Yorktown prevented Cornwallis from escaping by sea at Yorktown
July41776 Turning point in war for the Americans; won over French support
TreatyofParis Leader of the Vermont "Green Mt. Boys"
PatrickHenry went over to France to win their ally-ship
DeclarationofIndependence hit-and-run tactics used by Francis Marion
AdmiraldeGrasse nickname for Francis Marion
MarquisdeLafayette date the Declaration of Independence was signed
NathanHale said "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death!"
guerrilla one of Washington's closest friends; from France
Saratoga surrendered the war to the Americans at Yorktown
BenjaminFranklin announced that Britain had lost the war to the Americans
France first battle of the war
SwampFox president of the Declaration Commitee; signed his name very large
KingGeorgethe3rd Commander-in-chief of the Continental Army
GeorgeWashington American traitor; tried and failed to turn over West Point to the British
JohnHancock hung as an American spy at Long Island
Lexington King of Britain during the Revolutionary War
ThomasJefferson announced that the colonies were free from British reign
BenedictArnold ally of the Americans in the war
EthanAllen leader of the Sons of Liberty
SamAdams wrote the Declaration of Independence

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