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American Revolution Review

Jessie Hampton

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Taxation With Out Representation to offical document declaring independence from Great Britain
Sons of Liberty A act ro save the British East India company by shipping tea without paying most of the taxes
Road to Revolution a formal document, written in 1620, that provided law and order to the plymoth colony
Virginia House of Burgesses rushed to join the battle for freedom and aided Washington
Treaty of Paris A famous man that wrote the pamphlet "Common Sense"
unalienable right a right that can't be taken from you
significance of 1776 Declaration of Independence Written; American Revolution Started
Quartering Act Samuel Adams younger cousin, and a succeful lawyer
Declaration of Independence called for one general government for 11 of the American Colonies
Stamp Act the trrowing of 342 chests of tea overboard in the Boston Harbor
Mayflower Compact the demand of for more supplies due to the economic challenges
Tea Act the events leading up to the American Revolution
mercantilism A fight between townspeople and soldiers killing five colonists
Enlightenment These taxes only applied to imported goods, and were paid at the port
Albany Plan A war that was about power and control
John Adams First written constitution in America
Fundamental Orders of Connecticut The laws passes thatdirected the flow of goods between England and the colonies
John Locke Guaranteed basic rights to citizens of the colonies
John Adams Increased productivity and lower costs
English Bill of Rights Wrote the Declaration of Independence
Boston Tea Party the theroy that a state or nations power depended on its welth
Sugar Act suggested the Albany Plan of Union
Daughters of Liberty Tax on all printed material
Lafayette series of laws passed by parliment due to the loss of control of the colonies
Townshend Act some northern states argued that the enslaved, as property, should be counted the purpose of ...
Effect of Slavery Help start the oranization called the Sons of Liberty
Magna Carta wrote a constitution for the Carolina colony
French and Indian War a group of women that supported the boycott of British Goods
Navagation Acts an assembly that had the right to make local laws for the colony; first met in Jamestown
Cause of Slavery Established the principal of limited government
Boston Massacre movement during the 1700's that spread the idea that knowledge, reason and science could improve society
King George 3 King of England
Benjamin Franklin Required colonists to provide barracks and supplies to British Troops
Great Awakening The treaty between France and Great Britain that marked the end of France as power in North America
Thomas Jefferson A religious revival that swept through the colonies
Thomas Paine an organization that protested the stamp act
Intolerable Acts lowered tax on molasses imported by colonies

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