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American Revolution

Megan Kocher

No description

Propaganda What law made the colonist feel clearer by their name?
Petition What act passed on in 1767?
Loyalist A hit and run technique used for fighting in war
Patriot A continuous rise in the price of goods and service
Guerrillawarfare Ideas or information designed and spread to influence opinion
Minutemen Legal document that enabled officers to search homes and warehouses for goods that might be smuggled
WritsofAssistance Soldiers who would be ready in a minute to fight
TeaAct What did the parliament passed in 1773?
Townsend Acts Rag figure representing an unpopular individual
Effigy To refuse to buy items from a particular country
Boycott A formal request
Inflation American colonist who remained loyal to Britain until American independence was won
Mercenaries What placed a tax on almost all printed material in the colonies?
StampAct Paid solider who serves in the army of foreign country
IntolerableActs American colonist who were determined to fight the British

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