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Chapter 2 Puzzle

Michael Nguyen

The Enlightenment and the American Revolution

revolutionarywar the death of 5 protestors
thomasjefferson a time when such ideas seemed unscientific and irrational
handel the supreme law
edwardjenner a controversal 28-volume book
marywollstonecraft French thinkers who desired reform during the Enlightenment
encyclopedia rights that belonged to all humans from birth
baroque an elegant style of music
constitution restricting access to ideas and information
catherineii Parliament passed this act in1764
declaratoryact the French fleet blockaded the __________________
adamsmith Jean-Jacques Rousseau's most important work
bach wrote water music
georgeiii a style of art that moved away from art
treatyofparis the Enlightenment slogan
ageofreason policy allowing business to operate with little or no government interference
censorship AKA the American Revolution
music informal social gatherings
freeandequal she called for equal education
classical a political doctrine when monarchs has unlimited power
haydn each branch of government was provided with _________________________
absolutism Fredrick the Great
rococo rules discoverable by reason
salon Parliament passed this act in 1765
fredrickii Catherine the Great
immanuelkant a German Lutheran
bostonmassacre a strong leader named George ___________________
philosophe a protest on taxes on tea
seperationofpowers helped develop forms of symphony and string quaret
stampact a style of art with excitment
chesapeakebay a strict class system
laissezfaire he had a 60-year reign
naturalrights a central feature of the new federal government
bostonteaparty principal author of the Declaration of Independence
socialcontract it said it had complete authority over colonists
sugaract American, British, and French diplomats signed this to end a war
washington a Scottish economist
checksandbalances the new Enlightenment ideals led musicians to develop new forms of ________
naturallaw developed a vaccine against small pox
divinerightrule a German philosopher

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