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Ryan Secor

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siege soldier who uses hit-and-run tactics
Nathan Hale major turning point in the Revoluntionary war
refugee army established by the Second Continental Congress to fight the British
Betsy Ross wrote pamphlet titled Common Sense
preamble blacksmith that led a the GreenBountain Boys in a surprise attack on Fort Ticonderoga
mercenary came up the idea that if British troops cut off New England from other colonies the war would be over
traitor person who betrays his or her country
blockade the first major battle of the Revoluntion
Thomas Paine military blockade of an enemy town or position in order to force it to surrender
John Burgoyne soldier who fights for pay
Patriot document stating that the colonies were a fee and independent nation
guerrilla took wounded husband's place loading and firing a cannon
Friedrich von Steuben helped train General Washington's Continental troops to march and drill.
Thomas Jefferson colonist who supported independence from British rule
cavalry nation that works with another nation for a common purpose
Ethan Allen colonist who remained loyal to Britain
Molly Pitcher troops on horseback
Battle of Saratoga rights that belong to all people from birth
natural rights wrote the Declaration of Independence
Declaration of Independence person who flles his or her homeland to seek safety elsewhere
Battle of Bunker Hill said "I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country."
ally sewed flags for General Washington's army
Loyalist shutting off a port by positioning ships to keep people or supplies from moving in or out
Continental Army opening statement of a declaration, constitution, or other official document

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