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Ch. 10 Crazy Independence

Kaley Carter

Directions:By reading the clues and box number provided decide of a correct word that fits the definition and boxes number. Be careful and put the word in the correct boxes or you could mess up. GOOD LUCK!

ArticlesofConfederation concerning the branch of government that enforces laws.
bayonet the last major battle of the Revolutionary War, won in 1781 by combined American and French troops.
ordinance to approve.
republic a nation or state in which the power is held by citizens who elect representatives to manage the government.
Desert the land north of the Ohio River to the Great Lakes and west to the Mississippi River.
legislative a member of a band of fighters who use surprise raids and ambushes to harass their enemy.
guerrilla the American victory over the British in 1777, which led to French entry into the war on the American side.
ratify a soldier who serves in a foreign army for pay.
judicial a government regulation.
BattleofSaratoga the, ratified by the states in 1781, that established a national congress with limited powers.
enlist to measure land to determine the exact boundaries of a given area.
executive concerning the branch of government that interprets laws and punishes lawbreakers.
NorthwestTerritory to sign up.
mercenary concerning the branch of government that makes laws.
NorthwestOrdinance a long knife attached to a gun for use in close combat.
BattleofYorktown to leave without permission.
TreatyofParis the 1787 law that set forth a plan of government for the Northwest Territory.
rendezvous a belief after the Revoloution that a virtuous life embracing simplicity, sacrifice, and freedom of conscience was necessary for the nation to thrive.
survey (1783) the treaty ending the Revolutionary War.
Republicanism a meeting.

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