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The American Revolution

by Ella Vador

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Confederation Separation of powers was mostly his idea.
Beccaria British general who surrendered near Yorktown in 1781.
DanielShays War that the British won in 1763.
France George Washington's home state.
ThomasJefferson The fighting at Lexington soon spread here.
GeorgeIII Changed or additions made to the Constitution.
Concord Believed direct democracy was the best government.
Revolution This protest against taxes led to the closing the port of Boston.
SamuelAdams Laws that prevented colonists from selling goods to countries other than Britain.
JohnLocke Opponents of the Constitution.
ContinentalCongress Commander of the Continental Army.
ChecksandBalances The second one of these issued the Declaration of Independence.
Antifederalists Became king of Great Britain in 1760.
Lexington The first ten amendments, they guarantee basic civil rights.
Amendments Man who led a protest of debt-ridden farmers asking for lower taxes.
NavigationActs What colonists often did to avoid paying British taxes.
BostonTeaParty The overthrow of a government.
Smuggled This country heled the American colonists fight the British.
BillofRights Bostonian who favored independence from Britain and even encouraged conflict.
RawMaterials Word used for a leader who has broken the social contract.
Voltaire Site of the first battle of the American Revolution.
Taxes French writer and advocate for free speech.
FrenchandIndian Locke's natural rights.
StampAct Our first constitution was the Articles of _____. It provided for a weak national government.
Montesquieu The Declaration of Independence was firmly based on this man's ideas.
Rousseau Parliment passed this tax in 1765. It had to be paid on legal papers and newspapers.
Virginia Wanted to ban the death penalty and insure civil rights for people accused of crimes.
Federalism System where power is divided between national and state governments.
GeorgeWashington Britain bought ____ _____ From the colonies and sold them manufactured goods.
LifeLibertyProperty Writer of the Declaration of Independence.
Tyrant System where each branch of government limits the power of the other branches.
Cornwallis Under the Articles of Confederation, Congress had no power to collect ___.

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