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Game for Vocab

Luke Pentecost

This is a project to help memorize and use vocabulary words. To make sure the understanding of the words and people.

Entrepreneur A war of Puritan supporters of Parliament battled supporters of England's monarchy
Enlightenment A puritan general that defeated the Cavaliers and took the king
Habeas corpus Revolution elegant style that characterized the arts in Europe
Philosophe Signed the Petition of Rights because he often dissolved Parliament
Enclosure A 18th- century European monarchs who were inspired by Enlightenment ideas to rule justly and respect the rights of their subjects
Scientific Method period of Charles II's rule over England
Salon refusal of work to force the employers in order to meet certain demands usually money
Heliocentric theory social gathering of intellectuals and artists
Jean Jacques Rousseau believed that God was the creator of this orderly universe, the clockmaker who had set everything in motion and disproved the idea of Aristotle that one set of physical laws governed earth and another set governed the rest of the universe
Natural Rights Argued that human societies have always been divided into warring classes
Neoclassical resources, land, labor, and capital affect this
Utilitarianism the system of growing adifferent crop in a field each year to preserve the fertility of the land
English Civil War Became interested in an old Greek idea that the sun stood at the center of the universe.
Industrial Revolution Devoted himself to the study of political liberty created the Seperation of Powers idea
Crop rotation negotiations between workers and their employers
Adam Smith group of advisers or ministers for government
Oliver Cromwell private ownership and on the investment of money in business ventures in order to make a profit make this economic system
Factors of production ornate style that characterized European painting, music, and architecture
Catherine the Great A limited monarchy by law
Nicolaus Copernicus social thinkers in France during the Enlightenment
Montesquieu economic policy of letting owners of industry and business set working conditions without interference meaning unregulated
Johannes Kepler the rights that all people are born with the Rights to Life, Liberty, and property created by John Locke
Charles I Wrote the Declaration of Independence off of John Locke's ideas of life, libery, and persuit of happiness unlike John's property
Federal system Study of Natural world that is characterized by careful observation
Communism Reasons for the American colonies' break with Britain that gave us our real freedom for the next few hundred years
Separation of powers the shift from making goods by hand to making them by machine
Constitutional Monarchy argued that civilization corrupted people's natural goodness. "Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains," argued for free will
Karl Marx procedure to gather information about the Natural World when hypothesis are put to the test
Factory Creater of the three Rights of man life, liberty, and property
Urbanization He developed analytical geometry, which linked algebra and geometry.
Francis Bacon Created the experimental method. Thought too many scientists relied on ancient scolars
Industrialization private property does not exist, and all goods and services are shared equally. Everything is owned by the people make this economic system
Voltaire a social class made up of skilled workers, professionals, businesspeople, and wealthy farmers
Galileo Galilee the first ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution, which protect citizens' basic rights and freedoms
Collective bargaining one of the fenced-in or hedged-in fields created by wealthy British landowners on land that was formerly worked by village farmers
Middle class idea that the earth and the other planets revolve around the sun
Restoration executive, legislative, and judicial powers to different groups of officials in a government
Laissez faire a large building in which machinery is used to manufacture goods
Thomas Jefferson She ruled with absolute authority, but she also took steps to modernize and reform Russia. Allowed religious toleration and abolishing torture and capital punishment
Checks and Balances a business owned by stockholders who share in its profits but are not personally responsible for its debts
Mary Wollstonecraft published more than 70 books of political essays, philosophy, history, fiction, and drama. Voltaire often used satire against his opponents. He made frequent targets of the clergy, the aristocracy, and the government.
corporation ocument requiring that a prisoner be brought before a court or judge to see if imprisionments legal
Declaration of Independence measuresto prevent any one branch of government from dominating the others joke
Union Defended the idea of a free economy. Economic liberty guaranteed economic progress.
Cabinet agreement by which people define and limit their individual rights,
Rene Descartes He discovered the law of the pendulum. All objects fall at the same rate. Discovered sunspots
Baroque European movement when thinkers tried to put the scientific method and reason to all life
Isaac Newton the development of industries for the machine production of goods
Scienticic Revolution She argued that women, like men, need education to become virtuous and useful. Even if they are to be mothers, education will make them better mothers.
Social contract a person who organizes, manages, and takes on the risks of a business
John Locke association of workers to bargain for better working conditions and higher wages
Strike Discovered certain mathematical laws govern planetary motion. One law is that the planets revolve around the sun in elipitical rotations.
Socialism factors of production are owned by the public and operate for the welfare of all make this economic system
Bill of Rights the growth of cities and the migration of people into them
Enlightened Despot political system in which nobles are granted the use of lands that legally in exchange for their loyalty, military service, and protection of the people who live on the land
Capitalism theory of government actions are usefulonly if they promote the greatest good for the greatest number of people

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