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War Between the States

Joshua Rivenbark

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New York Draft Riot The location of the surrender of the Army of Northern Virginia
Battle of Antietam Bloodiest day in American History
Battle of Atlanta Grant caught napping
Trent Affairs Four days of rioting and mob attacks on the government and the black community.
March to the Sea Sherman’s march through Alabama and Georgia to the Atlantic
Border States A draft or compulsory enrollment into military service.
Battle of Shiloh Aise confederate ship that risked the wrath of the Union to bring supplies to the Confederacy.
Battle of Nashville The Confederate Ironclade
Battle of Cold Harbor The name of slave states that would not succeed from the Union
Battle of Chancellorsville First commander of all Union forces
Wilderness Campaign The freeing of all salves in the rebel controlled territories
West Virginia The dedication speach by Lincoln in November 1863
Blockade Runner Event where confederate agents were captured aboard a British Mail ship by Captain Wilkes.
George B. McClellan Grant’s most trusted officer
George Thomas Battle in which the Union forces shatter Hood’s army
Vicksburg Battle that occurred on June 1-3 in which 7,000 union were dead before the sun was fully up.
Anaconda Plan Nail-head of the south
Battle of Stones River Winfiekd Scotts plan to defeat the south
Appomattox Court House Battle where the two armies serenaded each other
Ulysses S. Grant Said of I can't spare this man he fights
Robert E. Lee Grant’s march to Richmond with 122,000 enforcements.
Thomas Jackson Rock of Chickamuaga
Monitor Lee's finest hour
Merrimac Southern sympathizers in the North
Conscription The Union Ironclad
Emancipation Proclamation surprise attack by the confederates who in the end were driven back with twice the number of causalities.
Copperheads Stonewall
Gettysburg Adress Was admitted into the Union June 20, 1863.
William Tecumseh Sherman Commander of the Army of Northern Virginia
Siege of Petersburg Grant’s longest besiegement

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