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MEXICANCESSION This future American president fought the British, Spanish, and Indians, securing Florida for the U.S.
TRAILOF TEARS "Old Fuss and Feathers."
OREGONTRAIL Native-born Mexicans living Texas.
SACAJAWEA "Gold fields" were located in this region.
POLK Legendary explorers of the Louisiana Purchase.
GOLD What the "49ers' were after.
LOUISIANAPURCHASE Crockett played this.
DAVYCROCKETT Jefferson's great buy
CONESTOGA Wagon trail named after religious group.
LEWISANDCLARK Frontiersman and former U.S. Congressman killed at the Alamo
SAMHOUSTON The Five Civilized Tribes followed this to Indian Territory.
FIDDLE The Alamo contained the most of these of any fort west of the Mississippi
JAMESBOWIE Texas nickname.
WINFIELDSCOTT Popular slogan for American western expansion
CANNON This now-U.S. state freed herself from Mexican rule in 1836.
SANTAANNA Mexican dictator who fought Americans twice in two separate wars
STEPHENAUSTIN Western adventurer known for his famous weapon he invented
LONESTARSTATE Tennessee governor who later became legendary Texas leader
CALIFORNIA Type of wagon used by emigrants headed west.
ANDREWJACKSON If you were headed to the Northwest Pacific-Coast territories you took this wagon trail.
ALAMO American businessman who started American emigration to Texas.
MANIFESTDESTINY She helped Lewis and Clark find their way.
ZACHARYTAYLOR "Old Rough and Ready."
MORMONTRAIL President during Mexican War.
TEXAS The territory ceded to the U.S. by Mexico in the Treaty of Guadalupe Hildago was referred to as this.
TEJANOS Site of legendary 13 day siege during Texas War for Independence

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