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Women In History

By Louise Jett

Complete this crossword puzzle and return it with your name and phone number to CW 1309 (The Bridge office) to win concert tickets to Pop's Nightclub. Deadline for submissions is March 9.

LucindaFranks First woman to win the Nobel Prize for national reporting
MurielSiebert First woman elected to Congress
JeannetteRankin Pilot of the space shuttle Discovery
NancyPelosi Opened the first birth control clinic
PearlBuck Founder of the Girl Scouts
MargaretSanger First woman aditted to Yale
KarolineMikkelson Wrote "The Book of the City of the Ladies"
MotherTeresa First woman to set foot on Antartica
EileenCollins First woman to own a seat on the New York Stock Exchange
NadineStrossen Patented the first modern elastic bra
SallyRide First American woman to become a bullfighter in Spain
ClaraBarton Designed Hearst's San Simeon
NellieTaylorRoss True inventor and financier of the cotton gin
ElizabethBlackwell First American woman to earn her medical degree
AnneBradstreet First woman to break the sound barrier
MaryPhelpsJacob Crowned herself king of Egypt in 1490 BC
QueenHatshepsut First published poet in American history
HattieCarraway First female governor
IreneCoit First woman elected to the US Senate
JulietteGordonLow First woman Secretary of State
MarthaHughesCannon First person to go over Niagra Falls in a barrel and live
WilmaMankiller First female senator
LeahFox Became Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation
ConchitaCintron First American woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize for Literature
JuliaMorgan First American woman in space
JacquelineCochran Became a millionaire for designing the Kewpie Doll
AnnaTaylor Founded American Red Cross
MadeleineAlbright World's first woman police officer
RoseONeill Elected first female president of the ACLU
EmilyGreenBalch Founded the Mission of Charity in Calcutta, India
AliceStebbinsWells First woman to recieve the Purple Heart
CatherineLidfieldGreen First woman Speaker of the House
ChristinedePisan First woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize

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