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the woodland indians

kim reese

No description

shelves indians believed that nothing should ever be ________
business bear is prowling the sky
palisade children usually go to ___________ high schools
westwind the oldest of the three sisters name was
councilhouses the woodland indians covered thier houses with
civilrights they used trees to travel by building ___________
wasted most indians work in _______ or industry today instead of farming
bark woodland indians made things with wood like hatchets, bows and arrows, snowshoes and ....
corn the state that houses the 6 reservations of indians
reservations the woodland indians lived in the
maplesyrup in the south whispered soothing breezes
moose woodland indians slept on these
spears the middle sisters name was
southwind violent weather is caused by panthers breathing
NewYork soft breezes mean fawn is returning
northwind moose's breath sends chilling rain
eastwind the whole village was surrounded by a high fence called a
meats was the god in carge of the winds
wasted babies were carried in backpacks made from ________ frames
canoes the east wind blinded the sun with his misty breath and caused rain
bean places where people meet to discuss govenment issues
squash native indians were the first ____________
bear lived in the woods in the north and brought hurricanes and winds
benches woodland indians fasten long boards to the sides of the house to make
trees indians gaind support from the __________ __________ movement in the 60s and 70s
chiefs the sisters danced and sang praises to father sun and ________ ________
prejudice wooden frames were made for tanning_________
gaoh are elected by the indians
fawn some indians run gambling houses called ________
forest indians got food from trees like sugar and _____ ______
taxes the woodland indians never _________ anything
panther modern indians are often victims of ___________
gasoline were cooked over a fire
armor Native Americans hate the highest unemployment and the lowest income of any ________ groups
motherearth in the west sent winds that snarled and blasted
wooden the woodland indians made_______ from wooden slats
minority hollowed out logs were used to store things like ______
Corn the youngest sisters name was
americans most indians today run _________ stations or tobacco stores
casinos protected the indians from rain and snow
public present day Iroquios live in simple homes on one of six __________
leather indians are exempt from paying __________

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