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AGS World History CH 2 Vocabulary

Ms. Kris

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Hinduism Able to grow crops
district The name for the tusks, or teeth, of animals such as the elephant or walrus
pictogram To attack or march into another country
canal A family that rules a country over a long period of time
development The rebirth of the soul into a new body
pass Having a spiritual belief in a higher being
silt Seasonal winds
dynasty To bring water to fields and crops
peninsula To make something
hymn The growth of something
fertile A class of people in India
plateau A flat writing pad
invade A person who makes useful and often beautiful objects for everyday use
millet To keep apart or away from others
transport A picture symbol or figure; a type of early writing
create A person of high birth
noble A stone through which light can shine
irrigate A tyoe of grain
artisan A rich layer of soil
tablet A waterway made by humans
subcontinent A flat area that rises above the nearby land
monsoon Land surrounded with water on three sides
reincarnation To throw out of something
cycle A certain area of a place
caste A song of praise
isolate The main religion of India that stresses the belief in the Vedas
Expel The science that deasl with land, weather, bodies of water, and plant and animal life
religious An open place in a mountain
alabaster A large piece of land that is somewhat smaller than a continent
geography Events that keep happening in the same order
ivory To move from one place to another

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