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World History Review Crossword

All these words come from the second semester.Complete teh puzzle using the vocab you've already done.

Selective Borrowing A Chinese Communist Program to boost farm and industrial output that failed miserably
Rhur Valley Chinese dynasty from 618 to 907
Literacy Rate Member of the warrior class in Japanese feudal society
Great Leap Forward Muslim religious warriors
Glasnost Romania's longtime dictator; was overthrown and executed
Samurai The forced joining together of workers and property into collectives
Trade Surplus President of the US during the Cuban Missle Crisis
Ideology A very large, damaging wave caused by an earthquake or very strong wind
Luftwaffe Secret police in Nazi Germany
Tsunami The relaxation of Cold War tensions during the 1970's
Syngman Rhee Lightning War
Chancellor A Polish labor union and democracy movement
Nikita Khrushchev Korean dynasty that ruled from 668 to 935
Demilitarized Zone Act passed by the US Congress in 1941 that allowed the president to sell or lend war supplies to any country whose defense was considered vital to the US
Indemnity The father of Kim Jong Il
Collectivization A Chinese Communist program to purge China of nonrevolutionary tendencies that caused economic and social damage
Detente A Soviet policy of democratic and free-market reforms introduced by Mikhail Gorbachev
Gentry Korean dynasty that ruled from 935 to 1392
Song Dynasty President of the US who told Gorbachev to tear down the wall
Pagoda Porcelain made in Korea with an unusual blue-green glaze
Dowry Difference between how much a country imports and how much it exports
Extraterritoriality Adopting or adapting some cultural traits but discarding others
38th Parallel The systematic genocide of Eruopean Jews in Nazi Germany
Nicolae Ceausescu The Japanese writing system
Cultural Revolution Independent state that has to acknowledge the supremacy of another state and pay tribute to its ruler
Balance of Trade Korea's most celebrated ruler, he decided to replace the complex Chinese system of writing
Pusan Perimeter Detention center for civilians considered enemies of the state
Concentration Camps A chain of islands
Containment Payment for losses in war
Bushido Code of conduct for samurai for during the feudal period in Japan
King Sejong A defensive line around the city of Pusan
Archipelago Percentage of people who can read
Kim Il Sung Nations stronger than other powerful nations
Holocaust Payment a bride's family makes to the groom's family for marriage
Shinto "Openness" in Russian; a Soviet reform introduced by Mikhail Gorbachev
Choson Dynasty Coal rich industrial region of Germany
Superpowers Break up of large agricultural holdings for redistribution among peasants
Kana Wealthy, landowning class
Tributary State Soviet premier who put missles in Cuba
Land Reform Korean dynasty that ruled form 1392 to 1910; the longest of Korea's three dynasties
Leonid Brezhnev Situation in which a country imports more goods than it exports
Gestapo The US strategy of keeping communism within its existing boundaries
Third Reich A thin band of territory separating North and South Korea
Tang Dynasty Chinese dynasty from 960 to 1279; known for artistic achievments
Lend-Lease Act Right of foreigners to be protected by the laws of their own nation
Solidarity Alphabet that uses symbols to represent the sounds of spoken Korean
Hangul Multistoried Buddhist temple with eaves that curve up at the corners
Blitzkrieg Khrushchev's successor
John F Kennedy Noncommunist leader, US backed him up
Perestroika German air force
Mujahedin Principle religion in Japan that emphasizes the worship of nature
Silla Dynasty Laws approved by the Nazi Party; it deprived the Jews of German citizenship and other rights
Celadon The dividing line between North and South Korea
Koryo Dynasty A Czech reformer
Vaclev Havel Situation in which a country exports more goods than it imports
Trade Deficit Official name of the Nazi party for its regime in Germany
Nuremburg Laws System of thought and belief
Roland Reagan The highest official of a monarch, prime minister

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