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World War One

Jina Hyun, Period 2/Munson, 4-25-05

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Franz Ferdinad Germany stopping submarine warfare for a while was called ____. (2 wrds.)
Big Four The war took ____, between 1914 through 1918. (2 wrds.)
All Quiet on the Western Front ____ was from Great Britain and a member of the Big Four. (3 wrds.)
Submarines ____ and the Allied Powers are the same thing. (2 wrds.)
England Belgium's only ally was ____.
Ammunition Yellow or green fog was ____. (2 wrds.)
Fourteen Points ____ ordered Kaiser Wilhelm II to be buried with full military honors.
Stalemate A small explosive used in the war was called a ____.
Imperialism The war before WWII was ____. (abbr.)
Emperor Fredrick In ____ the Zimmerman note was sent.
Self Determination A letter sent to a German ambasser in Mexico was known as the ____. (2 wrds.)
Eight and a Half Million The ____ was the strategy to attack Frnace through Belgium. (2 wrds.)
WWI The interational peace organization is called ____. (3 wrds.)
Russia Georges Clemenceau was from ____.
Grenade ____ soldiers died from the war. (5 wrds.)
Schifflen Plan Russia wants the ____ back from the Ottoman Empire.
Airplane A plan for achieving lasting peace was known as the ____.(2 wrds.)
Gavrilo Princip The person who assassinated the archduke was ____. ( 2 wrds.)
Nationalism Woodrow Wilson was the ____ of the U.S. in 1918.
Willy Another name for U-Boats were ____.
Hitler Kaiser Wilhelm II's fathers name was ____. (2 wrds.)
Sussex Pledge Germany claimed that the British ship was carrying ____.
Dardanelles A flying bird with an engine is known as an ____.
Zimmerman Note A policy or practices of builing an empire is called ____.
David Lloyd George ____ is the movie where Paul Baumer goes to war. (6 wrds.)
Three Hundred Thirty Eight Billion A tie in a war is called a ____.
Treaty of Versailles Serbia wanting to be an independant coutry is known as ____.
League of Nations Germany, Austria Hungary and Italy were members of the ____. (2 wrds.)
Triple Alliance ____ countries were involved in the war.
Trench Warfare Emperor of Germany's nickname was ____.
President ____ was not represented in the Big Four.
Poisonous Gas A compromise between Germany and the Allied Powers was known as the ____. (3 wrds.)
Lusitania ____, an archduke was assassinated in 1914. (2 wrds.)
Nine The major decisions were decided by a group called the ____. (2 wrds.)
February Germany building up their navy is an example of ____.
France Damages from the war was ____ dollars. (5 wrds.)
Four Years People dedide for themselves waht government they want is called ____. (2 wrds.)
Forty Two Germany's submarine sunk a British boat called the ____.
Militarism The major characteristic of the war on the Western Front was the ____. (2 wrds.)
Triple Entente Germany thought they would win against France in ____ days. (2 wrds.)

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