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Chapter 18 Crossword Puzzle


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USSR Treaty signed between the Allies and Germany
Dogfight threatening harm if actions are not made or met
GavriloPrincip day the Bolsheviks took over control of Russia
TripleEntente France's representative in the Big 4
DavidLloydGeorge Wilson's plan for for the end of the war
Contraband World War I alliance of Great Britain, France, and Russia
tripleAlliance warring nations
Tanks German Submarine
Mandate Pre-World War I group of Italy, Germany, and Austria-Hungary
TreatyofVersailles Communist Army
Genocide World War I country alliances of Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria, and the Ottoman Empire
RedArmy information, both true and false, that was used to get support for the war
imperialism love of one's country
militarism preparing an army for war
WoodrowWilson World Organization to maintain peace
Mobilize Austrian Archduke who was assassinated, led to the beginning of World War I
Airplanes Payment from war damages
CentralPowers systematic extermination of a ethnicity of people
Bolsheviks Russian Radicals who won control of Russia
Reparations Russian word for Council
MarneRiver Introduced by Britain that moved easily through enemy lines
July28,1914 Serbian Nationalist who shot Archduke Franz Ferdinand
AlliedPowers new name for the Bolshevik party
WarofAttrition Pre-World War I group of France, Russia, and Great Britain
VittorioOrlando British passenger liner that was sunk by a German U-Boat
ArchDukeFranzFerdinand ambition of a country to dominate another country or region
U-Boat Italy's representative in the Big 4
VladimirLenin agreement to stop fighting
August4,1914 The day that Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia
ZimmermannNote Weapon used mostly for observing enemy movement
November7,1917 Great Britian's Prime Minister in the Big 4
Soviet Day when Germany walked through belgium to get to France, England declares war on Germany
CommunistParty supplies that were move illegially from the U.S.
Belligerents Note from Germany to Mexico trying to get Mexico to attack the U.S., Intercepted and published by the British
WorldCourt the slow wearing down of each side trying to outlast each other
GeorgesClemenceau Independent body, that is the Permanent court of International Justice
Lusitania former colony, to be administered by the government of another nation
Propaganda Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
Ultimatum U.S. representative in the Big 4
Armistice Brutal acts against defenseless civilians
FourteenPoints glorified of arms (Military) strength
Atrocities air battle between airplanes
LeagueofNations Leader of the Bolsheviks
Nationalism The closest to Paris that the German forces got.(37 miles from Paris)

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