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WWI Review

Ms.Vasallo's American History

This puzzle will serve as a review for all of the different subjects we have talked about in WWI. Use your notes and BOOK to find the correct answers. Remember you need to use correct spelling to successfully answer.

Congress Germany, Austria Hungary, Ottoman Empire
Flyboys Fighting in the air between enemy planes
Serbia Archduke of Austria Hungary
U-Boat Uncle of Archduke, Emperor of Germany
Nationalism Goverment ads to get people behind the war
Isolationism The _____, the nickname for the war because of its size
1914-1918 Additon to the constitution that gave women the right to vote
fourteenpoints The development of armies and weapons
nineteenthamendment Affectionate name for airplane pilots in WWI; name of movie
Princip Note sent by Germans to Mexico, cause of American Intervention
Militarism Space between trenches
WesternFront Known name of Serbian fanatic who killed the Archduke
ZimmermanNote Cruise ship sunk in 1915 by Germans
Easternfront American goverment body that approved a declaration of war on Germany
Dogfighting Wilsons points about how goverments should behave to avoid future wars
Reparations Austria Hungary originally declared war on
EconomicInterest War damages; Germany had to pay 33 Billion in this
FranzFerdinand Agreement signed between allies and central powers in 1919 outside of Paris
Armistice The action of not allowing ships in or out of somewhere is called a
Greatwar Devotion to a person country, devotion to a culture
Lusitania Way the note between Germany and Mexico was sent
Wilson Last name of American war time president
Propoganda The war lasted from ____ - _____
Telegram A dugout space in the ground where soldiers would fight
Treatyofversailles Belief system;" Keep me out of your problems"
Central Most fighting took place here, between Germany and France
Blockade Less known about battle location between Germany and Russia
WilhelmII First reason Americans considered joining the war
Nomansland Dead persons in war are called this
Trench German Submarine
Allies Truce between goverments at war
Casualties France, Great Britain, Russia, etc

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