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World War Two

Jacob Fast

No description

England This Word Means Dead, Missing Or ill.
Poland A Gun Used By WWII Soldiers.
Kration The Hatred Of Jewish People.
Dday This New Weapon Was Used During The Batttle Of Britain.
Tommygun The Key Ingredient Of The Two Atomic Bombs Is This.
Austria Josef _______ Was A Doctor Who Worked At Auschwitz.
Casualty The Main Bomber Used By Allies In WWII.
Berlin Hitler Was Elected To This Political Position.
Chancellor This Term Is Used By Allies To Refer To German Soldiers.
Nazi This Battle Happen On June 6, 1944.
Flank National Socialist German Workers Party Are The_______.
Intelligence The Nazi Flag Is Called This.
Sulfapowder Canada's Prime Minister From !935-1948.
Airbornetroops Auschwitz Is In _____________.
Berlin The German Parliament Buildings Are Called___________.
.Appeasement This Word Means Soldiers Trained For Combat.
Dropzone One Of The Blitzkrieg Strategies.
Solution The Longest Battle In WWII.
Mengele This Invasion Was Codenamed Operation____________.
Veday The Trials Of Some Nazi's After The War Were The _________ Trials.
Death Hitler And His Wife Committed Suicide In ___________.
Antisemitism A German Tank.
Fuhrer This Was A German Style Of All-Out Warfare.
Blitzkrieg __________ Is Victory In Europe.
Reichstag Hitler Took This Title Once He Was In Power.
Foxhole Hitler Was Born In_________.
Hiroshima This Word Means To Get Around The Side Of.
Number These Are Tins Containing Food.
Swastika Identification___________ Were Tattooed On The Arms Of Inmates.
Campx The Main Goal Of The Kamikaze Was Kill As Many Of These As Possible.
Luftwaffe This Plane Was Used To Carry The Two Atomic Bombs.
Nuremberg A Area Where Airborne Troops Are Airdropped.
Uranium This Word Means Information About The Enemy.
Avrolancaster The 1936 Olympic Games Were Held In This Country.
Infantry This Was Used On Open Wounds To Fight Infection.
Atlantic These Were Suicide Bombers From Japan.
Panzer This Word Means An Area On A Hostile Shore.
Superfortress The Biggest Atomic Bomb.
Kamikaze An Area Of A City Where Jews Were Forced To Live In.
Luger The German Air Force.
Beachhead This Word Means Giving Into Demands To Keep Peace.
Jerry An Allied Training School For Spies.
Fatman This Country Suffered The Most Casualites
Sovietunion This City Had The Atomic Bomb Dropped On Them First.
Radar The Staging Area Of D-Day Was In _____________.
Allied Jews Were Referred To As Final__________.
Ghetto A German Pistol.
Overlord Auschwitz Was A Factory Of _______.
Mackenzieking A Hole In The Ground Is A __________,

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