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World War Two- Begining to Turning Points


Using your notes and handouts, complete the puzzle. Answers deal with all topics up to and including the turning points of the war.

Pearlharbor Technological breakthrough that gave the RAF a decisive advantage in the summer and fall of 1940
sleepinggiant Japanese military leader during WW2
Maginot Germany made a secret treaty to divide Poland with this nation prior to the begining of the war
Sicily Italian aggression led to German troops attempting to sieze the routes to the Middle East
Hitler Codename given to America's secret of breaking the Japanese code
radar According to hitler's orders, the Luftwaffe was given this target during the Blitz
USSR American strategy for reaching positions to bomb and invade the Japanese home islands
London Name of the operation for the German invasion of the USSR in June 1941
Barbarossa Germany, Italy, Japan
Dootlittleraid Turning point, Sept. 1942 to Feb. 1943, Soviet forces defend, counter-attack and finally decitame the german 6th Army
Roosevelt German leader during WW2
AXIS Turning point in North Africa, British forces stop the Germans in Egypt and begin driving them back to Tunisia
Stlain Target of Japanese plan to hurt the US so badly America would be powerless to interfere in the Pacific
Allies US forces held out for 6 months against a strong Japanese invasion force. Thier sacrafice bought the US time to arm and train
NorthAfrica Name of the operation given by the Americans for the invasion of North Africa
ElAlamein Italian leader during WW2
Stalingrad First offensive of the War by US forces, Aug. 1942, US is unprepared but must seize the initiative from the Japanese
Tarawa Secret mission to strike at the heart of Japan, a huge moral boost but had litlle military effect
Churchill Yamamoto warned that "we have awoken the wrath of a _____________" in refernece to America's industrial might
blitzkrieg literally lightning war
majic the British pulled off a micacle here byt saving their Army in 1940
Tojo Soviet leader during WW2
islandhopping US president during WW2
Torch Germany started WW2 by the invasion of this country
Midway Name of the defensive line that made up France's pre-war defense strategy
BattleofBritain Great Britain, USSR, USA, China, Free Forces of conqured nations
Philippines Turning point in June 1942, US forces use intelligence to ambush the Japanese
Dunkirk British Prime Minister during WW2
Guadalcanal First island taken by the US offensive across the central Pacific
Mussolini Location of the first Allied invasion of the European mainland
Poland Completely fought in the air, this was the first time the Germans were stopped from achieveing their goals

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