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cot Where to get a suntan
ice Pull behind a truck
furnace Eat in the morning
campfire Fabric shelter
beach Electronic map
blanket Orange and red
dog Keep on leash
firewood Clean and refresh
bugs Travel on two wheels
eggs Use on cold nights
campsite Keeps you warm at night
smores Camping light
mustard Drivable home
tent Nighttime snack
trailer Use Off for
campground Sleep off the ground
shower Play with rectangles
ghost Usually needed for cooking
motorhome Chop wood with
gps May travel far to purchase
hotdog walk in the woods
gas State park
screenroom Can grill on stick
water Scary stories
pie Water comes forth on it
cooler Keep food in
potty Sit in
bicycle Cook in firepit
axe Patient past time
fishing Mess hall
lantern Use on hotdog
hike Common manufacturer
grill Wash dishes with
hamburgers Food cooker
cards Put in cooler
chair Light in the dark
popup Useful during the night
coleman Preserve memories
boat Expandable home
flashlight Common round food
camara Reserve in advance

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